iSIGHT Partners

300+ Experts. 24 Languages. 16 Countries. 1 Mission.

Since 2007, iSIGHT Partners has been recognized as the leader in cyber threat intelligence. Through its established intelligence team made up of over 300 different experts in 16 different countries, the iSIGHT Partners team focuses exclusively on analyzing and understanding the global threat ecosystem, to include threat sources and the methodologies they employ, and partners with its customers’ security and intelligence operations to empower an intelligence-led security strategy that connects intelligence directly to their business.


Unlike others in industry conducting intelligence, the iSIGHT Partners global team understands the social, business, political, and popular cultural contexts from which threats originate. The team recognizes and categorizes threat actors, groups, and campaigns by capturing their motivations and intents and characterizes the methods and technologies they employ and those they are targeting.


iSIGHT Partners intelligence offers fused knowledge and context focused exclusively on threats of highest import to ensure business are not inundated with intelligence that is not relevant or actionable. iSIGHT Partners’ intelligence products linking observable attack methodologies to threat sources at the tactical, operational, and strategic level and defines threat ecosystems by threat and sector targeted.


Intelligence must be delivered in ways that meet operational and business needs. iSIGHT Partners delivers its intelligence in multiple formats, all of which are tagged and categorized and connected to indicators and observables. This provides not just data but knowledge and context through high fidelity, actionable insights on the threats relevant to the business.
Bottom line

Defenses can be more efficiently deployed once a business understands its threat environment. Without true intelligence containing more than just technical insights, organizations are simply deploying defenses blindly by essentially throwing new technology at the wall in the hopes that something sticks. That leaves information security practices worldwide devoting more technology, money, and people to triaging alerts while cyber threats are proliferating more rapidly, becoming more sophisticated in nature, and exacting a greater toll on businesses than ever before.

iSIGHT Partners enables an intelligence-led security practice that connects awareness of the threat to all facets of the business.